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Herpes is the virus that has impacted maximum percentage of population all around the globe. If the immunity is strong, then the person can successfully ward off this virus from the body. However, this is not the case in people with weak immunity system.


Herpes virus is actually of two different kinds.

HSV-1: is the commonly found type of herpes that infects a person. The appearance of cold sores on the lips and the mouth confirms this virus attack on the body. The adult carries herpes virus when kissing a child, they can transmit their disease to the baby.

HSV-2: is also known as genital herpes and is found affecting only the genitals of both the males and females.

Treating Herpes

The commonly suggested drug by all physicians today for herpes virus is an antiviral medicine. Symptoms of herpes can be diagnosed at early stages and taking medicine at early stages will definitely reduce the chances of the disease outbreak.

Even though there are many antiviral supplements available to cure many viral diseases, there is no drug that can successfully cure herpes.

CBD and Herpes

CBD or also known as cannabidiol is a plant extract of cannabis plant. CBD has known to have many health benefits for people today, including curing many diseases and disorders.

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Most of the herpes outbreaks in the body will be displayed in the form of blisters and pain and even inflammation. CBD being the anti-inflammatory supplement can successfully fight against the inflammation causing virus, and in-turn reduces the chances of any further outbreak of blisters in the body.

Taking CBD for Herpes

Cannabis extracts are available in various kinds, but people prefer taking CBD, because it will not cause the high effect in them, when consumed. All forms of CBD are the same and will not offer any kind of high effect in you, when you take the suggested dosage. Most of the people prefer applying CBD creams or other such topical forms of CBD for the herpes outbreak.

Hundreds of new products are being introduced to the world of antiviral medicines. However, no supplement is as effective on herpes blisters like CBD topical supplements. You can even try the capsules and powder forms of CBD to get rid of herpes blisters and even the pain and inflammation caused by the viral attack.

Not all name tags that come with CBD are the genuine ones. Before investing your money on a random company made CBD supplements, it is suggested to go through the reviews and even the list of ingredients in any particular product. Only genuine products can offer the expected results and you can find the names of the companies that can offer the best quality products at an affordable price.