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These days, drug testing is compulsorily done in most parts of the country as well as the world. This is often required when you join any new employment, medical, and legal purposes. Surely, if you undergo such a test then you will like to clear it. You will never like to get a stigma attached to your name that you are taking certain illegal drugs.

Often those people who use CBD regularly will also be interested to know whether CBD can show up on these tests particularly while undergoing any hair follicle test. That is one of the reasons why many newcomers are a little hesitant to use CBD.

Therefore, we would like to discuss this topic briefly in this write-up to understand the working of CBD so that you can make an informed decision.

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Most employers prefer to conduct routine drug tests that include your saliva, urine, blood, and also hair follicle tests for checking the presence of any controlled substances e.g. THC.

Therefore, there is a quite low chance that CBD use may result in positive particularly after testing your hair follicle. However, there is also a possibility that this test may not come negative every time.

Reasons why you may fail this drug test

There can also be a chance that you may test positive with your hair follicle test even though you never expected so. In many cases, people may be detected for the THC presence too if they have been using any product based on full-spectrum CBD like CBD oil.

The following are the few reasons for testing positive.

  1. Overconsuming any CBD product

Often by taking an unusually very large quantity of CBD oil, there is a possibility that you may end up increasing the THC concentration level in your system. Most legal CBD products may contain THC, but will be limited up to 0.3%, but overdosing may end up with a higher THC presence in your body.

As a result, this may detect positive while any hair follicle test will be performed. Often a few people may even need to consume a little larger CBD doses to get their desired effects, and hence you should be careful while taking your CBD, particularly if you ever need to face any drug test.

  1. Poor quality control

One more thing that also might detect you positive in the drug test report is due to the poor quality control of the CBD products while manufacturing. Although the manufacturer specifies the THC level as below 0.3%, however, their testing facility may not be good enough to detect it.

Therefore, you must always go for any reputed brand and get a certificate of testing done by an independent laboratory before consuming any CBD-based products.

We hope this info will be useful for you to be a little proactive while consuming any CBD products.