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Designing B2B sales training for your organization requires three major aspects like thoughts/ ideas, planning, and structure. All these three elements must meet at a common point called ‘desired results.

The common point for many companies differs in numbers. But the desired result on a ballpark figure is ‘best results’. This block shall help you get a clear picture of how to design a B2B sales training program for your company.

Ultimate Guide to Design Result Oriented B2B Sales Training

The prerequisites of sales training program design are quite a few. Any training company would look for a proper structure in an organization for designing a B2B sales training program. DataManagementU which is selling enterprise software training course shall be looking forward to the prerequisites upon which the entire sales castle can be constructed. We are the nation’s ace B2B training solutions provider to coach your sales team on selling software effectively. Data Management University shall certify every valuable trainee as ‘B2B software sales master’.

The three major prerequisites are

  • Sales Process for the already existing sales team
  • A CRM software that the company uses currently
  • Techniques Used already to process sales currently

As such, these three aspects are necessary to understand the shortcomings of the sales team and guide accordingly.

Main Components of Sales Training

  • Impeccable Usage of CRM

This is the first thing to be designed. If your organization does not have a CRM already, it can be set up too. As such, this sets a streamlined process. The usage of CRM with diligence and importance shall be available as the training component first. It is not about reminders and follow-ups all the time. It is about the results that we arrive at.

  • Understanding Customer Base

The second aspect of the design is the information about your target customers. Your sales team must know the target audience. Your product can be used by everyone in the world, but the most needed are the ones to be targeted to reach the unreached.

What do you have to know about the customer then? Your team must know about the pain points of the customers, their needs, and gains. Once the umbrella of such areas is created, it shall be easy for your sales team to target the right channels to close the sale.

  • Understanding the Market

As you get to know the customer, your job is half done. You cannot sell a product unless you know the market and its trend. Market research must be one of your components of B2B sales training. Understanding the competitors and their products should be on priority too.

  • Know Your Product

This is inevitable. Your sales training must coach your sales team in and out about the product at hand. The benefits and possible outcomes to the clients need to be a part of the sales training agenda.


The structure and design of a training program must flow from the already existing plan for sales. The previous errors shall be cited to teach a new technique that shall help you overcome them. The time and energy spent on designing such a training course shall never fail from giving you the desired results.