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We do not forget to wear the watches while going to parties, functions, meetings, outings, etc. Therefore, the wristwatch has become an integral part of our life. Also, while going on a trip, we pay close attention to suitable clothes, shoes, accessories. In addition to this, we never forget to check the watch. It looks like the watch completes your day and adds glamour to your personality.

Thus, the watch has discrete importance in our life and comes up with various types. These types differ from brand to brand and functions to function. And these types are as follows.

Types of watch

Most things are in trends such as electronic gadgets, clothes, TV programs, etc. The watches are not behind these trends. People love to select the better brands that suit their personality, like Casio, Citizen, Quartz, Rolex, and Swatch watches. Therefore, we are giving a few trending types of timepieces below.

Analog watches – The analogue watches come up with the mini clock-face, having 12 hours with an hour and minute hand. You can also find analogue watches with customary numbers and roman numerals. Such timers are simple, sober, and fit in your hand elegantly. G shock, Swatch, Timex Classics, Casio Watches etc., are famous brands for analogue watches.

  1. Digital watches – When you see a few watches that have only digits, you must include such watches in the digital watch categories. You can also take advantage of tracing your gym and exercise hours by using this kind of watch.
  2. Stopwatch/Chronograph watches – These watches are easy to use and give a comfortable and reliable feeling. You can start and stop the stopwatch just by pressing the button that it has on aside. You can also set it back on zero by pushing the bottom button.
  3. Diving/swimming Watches – When you are going outside in the rainy season, at this point, you always feel like having a water resistance watch. Therefore, watchmakers have made a watch that works in the rainy season & also works for you in swimming. They can go nearly 600 ft. to 980 ft. deeper in the water even by wearing this watch.
  4. Dress/Formal watches – Most people love to wear formal dress codes because of their busy office schedules. Therefore, formal watches are one of the reasons that can make you feel complete and comfortable. Apart from this, you can wear it with business suits, jackets, and tuxedos for your official outdoor meetings.
  5. Smartwatches – In the modern era, we can consider ordinary, luxury, stylish, and business class watches along with smartwatches. Smartwatches are in trend because they encompass a few up-to-date technologies. Therefore, it has touch screens, a few supportive apps with calling and can record the heart rates of human beings. Typically, these watches are comparatively expensive from ordinary timepieces as they have such technologies in them.


Watches are predominant while going outside of the home. Therefore, we have given certain types of watches that are used mainly by people in this blog. Also, you can choose one of them from Casio, swatch, or Tissot Watches for your tasks such as business meetings, casual outings, swimming, etc.