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When you finally find a bra that fits perfectly and is just your style, fear sets in after the first high. What if it fails? How long can you keep it going? Can you maintain it indefinitely? Unless you’re retaining the bra as an art piece, the answer to that final question is very probably no. So, how long should a bra be expected to last?

It Is Conditional

A decent quality bra that is carefully cared for and rotated with 2-3 different Glamorise Bras should last roughly a year. That was a lengthy-phrase, wasn’t it? There are several conditions. The longevity of a bra is determined by a variety of variables. The good news is that you have control over many of them!

Put On Your Bra With Care

When putting on and adjusting your bra, be careful. Little actions like turning your bra or yanking on a lace cup can have long-term implications, causing rips or straining and causing wires to protrude out or shatter. You should also avoid wearing heavy or sharp jewelry near your undergarments. Put on jewelry after you’ve dressed, and take it off before changing.

Allow It To Rest

If you wear the same bra every day, it will wear out rapidly. Sweat, body oils, deodorant, and other substances will begin to break down the material, causing the band and straps to stretch and loosen. You may also discover that you don’t wash it very often since you don’t have anything else to wear. If possible, have a bra wardrobe of at least 2-3 bras. In this manner, you may rest each one between wears, preventing misuse and making it easy to get into a washing pattern.

It’s also critical to understand when to retire a bra. We’ve all been tempted to keep wearing a bra that no longer fits but is still in good condition at some point. However, a) you deserve clothing that fit and feel nice, and b) this merely wears out the bra faster, especially if it is too small for you. A too-small bra bears more weight than it was intended to, and the underwire will ultimately protrude to let you know. It’s better to save it for a long or give it!

Wash Your Bras On A Regular And Gentle Basis

Machine washing reduces the life of a bra. Even in a front-loading washer, even on the delicate cycle, even with a mesh bag, and even if you don’t dry it. It’s just more disturbance than a bra requires or desires. To get the most out of your bra, wash it by hand in cool water after every 1-3 wears and hang to dry

Keep In Mind That Nothing Lasts Forever

There is no such thing as non-degradable material–at least none that you’d want up against your skin all day. Even with the best care, every bra will eventually wear out. Things deteriorate. That’s perfectly typical! On the bright side, it’s a perfect opportunity to go bra shopping.