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You’ll see dozens of drawer slides on the hardware aisle. It is overwhelming! Should you choose an under-mount soft close or ball bearing drawer slide? How come?

This helps! You compiled information on every type of drawer slide so you can compare them and select the right one for your project.

Various Drawer Slides

You should choose your drawer slides before creating the drawer. The cabinet opening and drawer slide installation method will determine the size of your drawer box.

Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Ball bearing slides are most prevalent. Steel ball bearings roll on a thin rail. This makes the drawer easier to open and close.

Pros: Easy to install and cheap. In any hardware store. Strong.

Cons: Steel balls aren’t good for unclean or dusty areas. Precision is needed while measuring drawers. Drawers open to reveal slides.

Undermount Drawer Slides

L-shaped brackets and a sliding track mount under the mount drawer slide to the cabinet sides or bottom. Only a clip on the drawer box’s underside locks it to the track.

Pros: easy to install, heavy-duty, concealed

Cons: Pricey, only one type of drawer box

Center Mount Drawer Slides

Center-mount drawer slides have a rail down the middle of the drawer box and rollers on the cabinet opening to position the drawer.

Pros: Hidden, easy to install

Cons: poorly aligned, unsuitable for heavy weights

Roller Drawer Slides

Drawer box corners have roller slides with a rolling wheel to move them down the track. This drawer slide is featured on cheap furniture and cabinets.

Pros: Cheap, easy to install

Cons: Lightweight, flimsy, no soft-close.

Wooden Drawer Slides

Wooden drawer slides are common in ancient furniture and jewelry boxes. You may make this drawer slide by attaching hardwood strips to the cabinet’s side or bottom.

Types Of Drawer Slides

Every style of drawer slide has many extensions. Drawer extension is how far you can pull it out. Some stop before the rear of the drawer box is visible, whereas others go past the front of the cabinet.

¾ Extension Drawer Slides

¾ extension drawer slides let you partially open a drawer. They’re the cheapest option, but also the most annoying. Drawer organizers make it impossible to reach the rear of the drawer.

Full Extension Drawer Slides

The full extension drawer slides open the whole drawer. This is the ideal style of the slide for most cabinets and is easy to find. Be cautious to check the load rating so you don’t overburden them.

Motions Of Drawers

All drawer slides are smooth. But occasionally you want to get creative, especially with kitchen cabinets that get a lot of use. These characteristics assist drawers in closing softly and opening easily.

Self-Closing Drawer Slides

Self-closing drawer glides keep drawers shut even if they’re not pressed all the way. These slides automatically close the drawer when it reaches a predetermined point, using a spring or a little downward ramp at the back.

Drawer Slide Soft-Close

Soft close drawer slides don’t slam. A catch mechanism slows the drawer to close gently at the end of its travel. More pricey, but worth it!

Pop-Up Drawer Slides

Pull-out drawer slides are typical in high-end kitchen cabinets. Pushing on the drawer’s front pops it open and keeps it shut. This eliminates drawer and door pull, so just the cabinet fronts are visible.

Load Rate

The load rating of drawer slides shows you how much weight they can carry. If you overload your drawer slides, they’ll bend over time, so only use the weight they’re rated for.