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Custom logo business entrance mats are essential to ensure that the business’ entry is clean, secure, and professional.

Your facility’s entrance mats can be personalized with your logo or business logo to make it stand out to your visitors. Custom logo mats offer two key benefits: They protect your facility and increase marketing and advertising efforts.

While creating a personalized entrance mat is straightforward, it does require consideration of fundamental design principles.

You can quickly create striking logo mats with a little preparation.

Suggestions about the Layout of the Logo Mat

Eliminate The Clutter: Generally, the more complicated the design, the less effective the logo mat will become. Simplicity is crucial for two reasons. Simpler designs are more readable and clearer. It is also crucial to understand the purpose of the floor mat. Visitors will be moving on the mat and often only a few seconds to notice your logo, slogan, or emblem. To create a mat that is effective in communicating your organization’s information, it is essential that you choose an easy logo or image and a color combination that “pops.”

Choose The Right Orientation: You must first consider how the mat will end up being used in your facility. If the mat is being placed horizontally along an entranceway, you should choose the landscape direction. If the mat is to extend inward from an entranceway’s vertical direction, choose a portrait orientation. This will ensure that the logo can be readable and displayed upright.

Look at Present Ads to Get Logo Motivation: Your custom mat style and design don’t have to be restricted to one slogan or an old company logo. You can get inspiration from company websites, business cards, and other marketing materials for your new logo mats.

Select Different Colors: In most instances, all colors must be compatible with the existing organizational color plan. Coordinating logo mats by using the same colors as the company logo, personnel uniforms, or other facility decor creates a sense of unity that helps visitors connect to the logo. You must also choose different colors to make your logo pop off the mat. Consider using a light background if your logo has dark colors. A dark background should be chosen for logos and designs that include a lighter color.

Mix and Match to Create the Perfect Custom Mats

Mix and Match is an option, whether you are making your mats from scratch or hiring someone to create them for you. Mixing contrasting colors together can make things more interesting. Mix neutrals and cool/warm colors to create various designs in a complicated design. Greys, in particular, will not be too loud and can be used to accent some of the more vibrant colors. It is possible to mix neutral colors with cool colors, creating a very subdued mix and match.

You Can Make Your Custom Door Mats Stand Out By Using Layers

It is becoming a popular trend to use custom doormats as layers. Place a small mat on top, and you’ll be amazed at how it transforms. This was an ideal method for people who felt that their old doormats were too bizarre or out of place. Modern technology makes it easier to accent the entranceway’s atmosphere. Layering is an art. It requires a perfect balance of colors in order to create the right background and foreground.